ATBD can now offer qualified international customers extended payment terms, services financing and foreign exchange capability through an export program with the Export-Import Bank of the United States.   

Airline skills from A to Z

Air Transport Business Development, Inc.

45+ Industry professionals, some of the most talented in their fields, who have more than 1200+ years of collective air transport experience with more than 50 airlines, aircraft lessors, airline suppliers and airports. That's your ATBD team. With our strategic partner, The KED Group, ATBD adds additional airport capability and expertise to our portfolio of services for a global market.

We're dedicated to improving the performance of your business. We can be both "hands-on", working with your team, or advising using the benefit of our considerable experience. Our team is skilled and experienced in all all facets of starting or growing an airline, marketing and selling products to the airlines and developing airports. This experience includes, for example at airlines: flight operations, regulatory compliance, engineering, maintenance, scheduling, information technology, fleet planning, purchasing, finance, legal, sales and marketing. At airports, our experience includes, planning, implementation, air service development and privatizations.

So no matter what part of the airline business you're in, count on us to help make it fly.

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