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Brian Cimaglia: Been There, Done That

Discusses due diligence of an airline

Amber: Brian, what sets ATBD apart from its competitors?

Brian: Probably the main thing that sets ATBD apart is its people. ATBD is made up of leaders in the industry. I continue to be amazed at the people I run into through ATBD, that have not only implemented some feature or function in the industry, but have actually championed within the FAA or the respective area.

From ETOPS to RNP as well as other areas we have all the leaders in the industry. So there's great value for money here and not only do people know what needs to be done but better yet they know what doesn't work and there is a tremendous value for the customers in getting things to work as efficiently as possible. Also, ATBD is very good at applying leading edge solutions, not bleeding edge solutions. So in instances of some areas such as RNP, ATBD has been championing the way, but is very well aware of what works and what doesn't.

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