ATBD can now offer qualified international customers extended payment terms, services financing and foreign exchange capability through an export program with the Export-Import Bank of the United States.   

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Bill Kostel: Been There, Done That

Building business cases and financial models

Amber: Bill, what are the different roles ATBD can bring into play for a client?

Bill: Well actually I think that ATBD is fairly unique in the aviation consulting groups. Because you have some groups that have a lot of subject matter experts and than other groups who have armies of MBA's that can go ahead and analyze problems forever.

But ATBD goes ahead and manages to bring these two together. We do have subject matter experts in the area of flight ops and engineering and maintenance and ground operations and inventory, and I can go on and on.

But you also have individuals like myself that can go ahead and take the experience that these folks can provide and via financial modeling go ahead and answer the customer's question whether it be an opportunity or problem that needs to be addressed and be able to hang a dollar value on that. And that's really what ATBD could do, is provide a very wide range of expertise to answer the customer's problem.

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