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Bill Kostel: Been There, Done That

Bill Kostel provides an example of how ATBD brought value to a customer

Amber: Bill, give me an example of where ATBD brought value to a customer.

Bill: Well, Air Transport was brought in by a large aviation supplier that was asked to submit a bid on a project that was very large and complex and outside its normal scope of business.

So ATBD was able to pull together a team of individuals that had experience in bid preparation from both the customer side as well as the supplier side. ATBD was then able to coordinate the inputs from across the supplier's organizations different functional periods and put together the bid in a form, a style and a content that the supplier really wouldn't have been able to go ahead and duplicate.

The supplier was then pleased to make it through the initial part of the negotiations and proceed to final negotiations and gave us the feedback that they learned a lot about developing these kinds of bids from the process that we took them through.

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