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Chuck Marcotte: Been There, Done That

Chuck Marcotte details his supply chain experience

David Hopkins: Chuck can you tell us how a company can use your supply chain experience?

Chuck Marcotte: Sure. I've had the opportunity to go through the process of helping test and develop operating procedures for newly acquired inventory management systems several times in my career, including military repair stations and most recently in the airlines.

Developing and writing the company processes for inventory systems can be tedious, time consuming and it's a team effort that has to happen before implementation can take place. For the experience I've gained in this area I can assist in keeping the company team on track in their process development. I've done this in the past and accomplished it three months ahead of schedule, so it's important to keep a team focused. Regardless of the system chosen there is going to be best practices that are unique to an individual company that don't necessarily need to be documented in regulatory manual or a business process but it needs to be incorporated into a standard operating procedure specific to the warehouse or any department for that matter. These can easily be updated as needed without having to give regulatory approval so the SOP's are important. Again I've had the opportunity in both the repair station and the airline operation that develop and write the warehouse standard operating procedures.

While a company can certainly start operations without a warehouse SOP, the use of tribal knowledge concept eventually gets you in trouble. I can help document that tribal knowledge so that it can be used properly.

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