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Dave Hopkins: Been There, Done That

Experience capturing new business

Doug Sutton: Dave, tell us about your experience capturing new business.

David Hopkins: Yes, I've had a lot of experience capturing new business in the airline business both with airplane manufacturers, engine manufacturers, lessors and service providers and there are many aspects and many skills you need to successfully navigate that process.

One I'd like to highlight in particular is teambuilding skills. With these large contracts where you're bidding on perhaps hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars of business you need to put together an effective team to support you so you'll often need a contracts person, legal person, engineering people, product support people, sales, finance and so on. So you might be leasing airplanes or you might be selling services but that's a constant this teambuilding process, you have to understand your customer's requirements you have to translate those to objectives to your team and then translate that to a timeline.

Now all of those may shift in the sales campaign as the customer's requirements perhaps shift or competition shifts them for you but you have to stay focused, lead your team and lead them to success. So teambuilding skills are key and we're fortunate in ATBD that we have a whole team of people again with sales, marketing, contracts, technical, legal, engineering expertise that spreads the gamut from selling to the airlines to also people who've sat on the other side of the table at airlines buying goods and services. So teambuilding skills are crucial.

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