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Dave Hopkins: Been There, Done That

Manufacturer sales experience

Amber: Hey Dave, tell us about ATBD’s sales experience.

David: Yes, ATBD has a tremendous depth and breath of sales experience on our team. We have a 360 degree view of the sales process from the airlines and the manufacturers. We have people on our team who have both bought and acquired equipment and services from manufacturers and service providers. And also on our team, we have people who have spent their entire careers selling to the airlines with great success, such as airplanes, engines, and various services. So we’re kind of unique in the business that we have this 360 degree viewpoint.

One good example that I can think of is when we had a manufacturer wanting to sell his high tech product here in the US, and get a US launch customer. We helped advise the manufacturer and also the airline. We built a business case for them, refined their business case with inputs from both sides, and eventually built a winning business case from which a contract was signed. And the manufacturer went away very happy.

So we have a tremendous experience on our team: finance, marketing, sales, support, maintenance, and engineering. All of those come together in the sales process, of course, and make for a successful sale.

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