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Dave Hopkins: Been There, Done That

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Peter: So Dave, tell us about ATBD's airline experience.

David: Yes, well one area of the business that we do very well with is new start airlines. We have literally decades of experience working with both US new start airlines, and also overseas start-up airlines. We have helped, at various times, airlines get their certifications, assemble fleets of airplanes, start on their maintenance and engineering, and help them with their contracts.

One particularly good example that I can think of was when we were brought in to assemble a complete fleet of narrow-body airplanes for a new start airline. This included running the competitive analysis, helping choose the winning airframe and engine options, contracting the initial acquisition contracts, along with all the support and maintenance and engineering contracts. Which then followed onto leased airplanes, leased engines, and all the optional equipment that goes onto the airplane like wheels, brakes, tires, galleys, interiors, and so on. We had a team of between three and six people working for 18 months, sometimes night and day. That team had in excess of 250 years of experience in the industry, so it was obviously very capable.

At the end of the assignment, we had a list of contracts that was probably around 26 feet long, and the total value was in excess of four billion dollars. And we saved the airline at the end of the day an excess of 240 million dollars, which represented about a one thousand percent return on their investment for our time.

So at the end of the day, the customer was very satisfied.

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