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Doug Sutton: Been There, Done That

Doug Sutton on the importance of relationships

David Hopkins: So Doug, tell us about the importance of relationships in the airline industry.

Doug Sutton: Well, relationships are vital; they are very important. In my various roles throughout my career I've found the ability to build and maintain relationships is the most important thing in business and especially in the aviation business.

To be able to take in the information from your customer and understand his requirements and understand what he wants is vital. As an example of that, several years ago I was working for an OEM and given the account that had very difficult relationships, very bad acrimonious relationships and my job was to rebuild that, I was able to do that over a period of time and it resulted a great deal of additional business for that company and I think that's the value I bring to Air Transport Business Development and it's also important that there are many of these airline relationships that move throughout the business so they're something that you can maintain and keep over the years.

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